Mayex USA is a corporation registered in the State of Nevada, USA. The main activities of our company are related to a proprietary container cover and dispensing device, designed priamrily for beverage bottles.

During the past few years, we designed, developed and patented several versions of the Dispensing Cap. The latest prototype, completed in 2007, proved to be a sound basis for industrial application.

During the development of the Dispensing Cap, we also relied on the expertise of, among others, San Benedetto SpA, a global mineral water and soft drink company. San Benedetto received a License Agreement regarding the utilization of the Dispensing Cap for the limited territory of Italy.

Mayex is looking forward to the establishment of similar cooperation and license partnerships with other beverage producers as well.


Mayex USA established a subsidiary in Hungary, where the majority of the development work and other operations are located. The subsidiary is fully owned and controlled by Mayex USA Inc.